EZpanel 40mm Timber batten

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EZ Panel 40mm TB - Window & Door Details

01A Window Head Detail


01B Window Head Detail- Brick


01C Window Head Detail - Metal Head Flashing


02A Window Jamb Detail


03A Window Sill Detail


21A Garage Door Jamb Detail - Timber Jamb


21B Garage Door Head Detail - Timber Head


21C Garage Door Jamb Detail - Plastered Jamb


21D Garage Door Head Detail - Plastered Head

EZ Panel 40mm TB - External Corner Junctions

05A External Corner Detail


05B External Corner Detail - Brick


05C External Corner Detail - Bevel back Weatherboard


05D External Corner Detail - Rusticated Weatherboard


05E External Corner Detail - Vertical metal

EZ Panel 40mm TB - Internal Corner Details

06A Internal Corner Detail


06B Internal Corner Detail - Brick


06C Internal Corner Detail - Bevel Back Weatherboard


06D Internal Corner Detail - Rusticated Weatherboard


06E Internal Corner Detail - Vertical metal


06H Internal Corner Detail - Concrete Block

EZ Panel 40mm TB - Horizontal Control Joints

19B Horizontal Joint Detail - Profiled Metal


19C Horizontal Joint Detail - Brick


19D Horizontal Joint Detail - Brick (With Sill)


22A Inter-Story Drainage Joint Detail

EZ Panel 40mm TB - Vertical Control Joints

18B Vertical Control Joint Detail


18C Vertical Joint Detail - Brick


18D Vertical Joint Detail - Profiled Metal


18E Vertical Joint Detail - Bevel back Weatherboard


18F Vertical Joint Detail - Concrete Block

EZ Panel 40mm TB - Base & Edge Details

07A Concrete Slab Detail


07B Concrete Slab Detail - Below Ground


07D Rebated Concrete Slab Detail


08A Timber Foundation Detail


08B Timber Subfloor Detail

EZ Panel 40mm TB - Parapet Gutter & Deck Details

10A Roof/Wall Detail


10B Roof/Wall Detail - Transverse Flashing


11A Hidden Gutter Detail


12A Cantilevered Joist Detail


13A Parapet Metal Capping Detail


13B Parapet Timber Wedge Detail


13C Parapet EIFS Detail


14A Balustrade Deck Detail


14B Balustrade To Wall Junction Detail


15A Flush Gutter Eaves Detail


16B Wall - Pergola Beam Connection Detail


23A Rainwater Head Opening


24A Membrane Opening Detail

EZ Panel 40mm TB - Penetrations & Misc

16A Pipe Penetration Detail


25A Meter Box Detail

EZ Panel 40mm TB - Soffits

17A Soffit Detail


17B Soffit Edge Detail


17C Reverse Raking Soffit Metal Flashing Detail


17D Reverse Raking Soffit Hidden Flashing Detail


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