SPECIALIZED SLAB EDGE INSULATION SYSTEM using 30mm, 40mm or 50mm EPS or XPS will increase the overall thermal performance of floor slab.

Slab Edge Insulation System

When a concrete floor slab is insulated, the insulation is typically laid under the entire slab. However, modelling has shown that approximately 80% of the heat lost from a concrete slab is at the edge and that the thermal resistance does not significantly improve by fulling extending the insulation under the slab or by increasing the thickness of the insulation under the slab.

Insulating slab edges is far more effective for preventing heat loss than insulating the underside of the slab.

Nominal Thermal Resistance

Thickness 30mm 0.97R
Thickness 40mm 1.29R
Thickness 50mm 1.52R
Thickness 30mm 1.1R
Thickness 40mm 1.45R
Thickness 50mm 1.8R
Thickness 30mm 0.97R
Thickness 40mm 1.3R
Thickness 50mm 1.61R