Welcome to Italian Eco Style Ltd, New Zealand’s exclusive importer and applicator of Advanced Spirito Libero natural plasters (lime and marble base) ideal for exterior plaster cladding systems and/or interiors textured coating, all guaranteed by our certified installers from Italian Eco Style Ltd in partnership with Specialized Construction Products ltd.

Like our partners at Specialized ltd we firmly believe that choosing an exterior cladding solution or a bespoke interior plaster finish is the most important decision to make on your home. Whether you are looking for a "concrete finish" look or a "Venetian plaster" and other bespoke plaster finishes, we can offer you a variety of options we can do for you with our environmentally friendly product ,the highest quality on the market which guarantees long term performance.

Once you've chosen the product and the style for you, correct installation is imperative for a quality look and longevity of your cladding. At Italian Eco Style we understand the demands of tomorrow’s buildings, and the diverse New Zealand weather conditions our buildings face. We got the products designed in Italy for New Zealand market using the best raw materials available in the world and our team of experienced artisans will help provide the very best and most aesthetically appealing plaster cladding systems on the market today.

We work with the best architects, interior designers, building developers and residential property owners that want to achieve durable and high quality finishes combined with a professional approach where the client is at the center of the project. Our existing clients provide great feedback and also open their home for us in order to showcase our work to potential new clients as a testament of trust and high quality.